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Our Development Methodology

Design PhaseThis is our very first step in the process of application development. We follow a highly collaborative design process that allows clients to have full authority over each and every measure that is taken. This is how the step-by-step execution of the process takes place:The process kicks off with the interaction between the design team and the client where our team learns about the project in details and takes each and every single design element into consideration.In the next step, our designers take up the plotting of the functionality map, and this allows a better overview of the entire…

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Mobile Solutions for Learning and Education

Software Solutions for LearningThe traditional system of education is soon getting replaced by modern hi-tech methods. The chalk-and-talk concept is not enticing today’s students anymore. Mobile technology provides a much broader experience of learning. The use of such innovative technology has no barriers.Traditional systems of teaching, learning and researching are complex, incapable and time consuming. Renowned analysts and reporters believe that mobile applications are the greatest path for growth in the computing industry easing the whole education system to produce better citizens of tomorrow. The learning process is done at work, schools and colleges, for which mobile solutions can provide…

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